Weekends spent on the water


When we aren't designing or crafting something for use on the water, we're spending time on and in it. Our team have sailed, windsurfed, kite-surfed and speed-sailed in Australian and international waters for a collective of over 70 years. 


Phil 'Bugs' Smith

Owner / Designer

With over 45 years experience creating yacht, windsurfing and shade sails, Phil's first love will forever be sailing. He began racing Manly Juniors , Flying Ants, 470 through to skiff classes. At some point during all this he was lured into the emerging sport of windsurfing in the early 80’s and spent time in Maui, Hawaii, designing windsurf sails for international companies as well as running his own sail loft in New Zealand.

Moving to WA in 1995 in search of consistent sea breezes, Phil and wife Belinda set up the Mandurah sail loft of Avalon Sail Co., and continue to design and produce performance sails. Phil has been heavily involved in the WA Offshore racing scene, as well as racing dinghies and he has won the Soling State Titles 3 years running. More recently he has been racingOpen Catamarans on the East Coast. His current passion is sailing Foiling Moths, and designing and making the sails for these awesome craft. The Moth development class offers some incredibly exciting sailing and pushes the design boundaries of boat and sail. Check out our blog for Phil's latest development on designing the BUGS CAM for the foiling Moth.

A slave to perfection, Phil leads his team in producing sails for all boats of the highest quality and the best competitive edge.