Foil control systems

MACH 2 Kit:

If you have a Mach 2 MOTH this kit bolts right on, no boat modifications required.

Kit includes:

  • Carbon bowsprit with Mach 2 moulding and CAM gear

  • Adjustable carbon WAND and lines.

  • Fitting instructions.


If you are building a new boat or want to do a full conversion, this is the kit for you.
Requires fitting Carbon Service Tube from the bow through to the cockpit.

Kit includes:

  • Carbon Service Tube

  • Carbon Bowsprit

  • 3 CAMS

  • CAM gear - cap, bearings etc

  • Stiff Adjustable control rod kit

  • Adjustable carbon WAND and lines

‘stoked with the new Moth main - delicious!’ Lloyd , 2018 WA