The Moth class has come a long way in the last 10 years. Foiling Moths are now the go-to choice of boat for single handed small boat sailors wanting exhilirating sailing and racing. Phil 'Bugs'Smith has been at the forefront of design and technology for the Moth class since foiling became the most important innovation in sailing.

All our sails are designed and handcrafted here in our Western Australian sail loft under Bugs' watchful eye.  Give us a call to chat about how you could be enhancing your sailing with a beautifully crafted organic wing.



State of the art sailmaking comes into its own with the release of the new MOTH mainsail OW9 designed by Phil 'Bugs' Smith. This sail has been crafted using Dimension Polyant 'Lite Skin' fabric, which has a textured feel, and a trendy sleek look.

Sails like this aren't developed over night. The OW 9 is the result of over 7 years Moth sail development .  It is also a little known fact that sail designer Phil 'Bugs' Smith has been building camber induced sails since 1982, so this experience has been invaluable in creating this new Moth main.

Extensive testing has resulted in a sail design with the following attributes:

  • Covers the greatest wind range possible.
  • Flattens nicely for upwind work
  • Morphs effortlessly into a deeper sail for downwind
  • Utilises 5 new Bugs split camber inducers for slick rotation
  • easy to rig
  • Available in durable 'LITE SKIN' fabric
  • Also available in Standard Laminate
  • Due to the inherent stability of the design, only 6 battens are required, saving weight.
  • SPECS:
  • Fits standard mast bend and spreader position.
  • Rigs on standard length masts. (5350mm)  Hound holes at 1600 and 1900mm from top of mast.
  • Standard spreader position 3625mm. Foot length 2150 from front of mast at pocket to outer hole in clewboard.
  • Luff length:  5350mm
ows8 a.JPG

OW10 LA - the low aspect Moth Organic Wing

ow10 2018.JPG

OW10 is a low aspect sail of the same overall design as the OW9 but is 300mm shorter in the luff and 250mm longer in the boom.

It is a full size , low centre of effort , sail. This has been designed in line with  the current trend of bringing the centre of effort lower down in the rig,  and in maintaining the sail area by lengthening the boom, it brings the centre of effort further aft, which negates the need for excessive rake upwind. The lower centre of effort decreases the amount of righting moment needed upwind and decreases the load exerted on the foils downwind, resulting in a more stable ride.


  • 5 Bugs Split camber inducers for smooth rotation and easy rigging
  • Durable 'LiteSkin 'fabric
  • 6 Battens
  • Rigs on 300mm shorter mast (5050mm)
  • Hound height 1900 from mast tip
  • Spreader position 3450mm from top of mast
  • Foot length 2400mm from front of mast at pocket to outer clew hole.

BugsCAM - foil control systems


If you are building a new boat or want to do a full conversion, this is the kit for you.
Requires fitting Carbon Service Tube from the bow through to the cockpit.

Kit includes:

  • Carbon Service Tube
  • Carbon Bowsprit
  • 3 CAMS
  • CAM gear - cap, bearings etc
  • Stiff Adjustable control rod kit
  • Adjustable carbon WAND and lines

MACH 2 Kit:

If you have a Mach 2 MOTH this kit bolts right on, no boat modifications required.

Kit includes:

  • Carbon bowsprit with Mach 2 moulding and CAM gear
  • Adjustable carbon WAND and lines.
  • Fitting instructions.
‘stoked with the new Moth main - delicious!’ Lloyd , 2018 WA