Cruising or racing - we have you covered

Talk to us about how you can get the most out of your sailing experiences because the quality, workmanship, set-up and understanding of your sail really does make a big difference.


Cruising Sails

Whether you are cruising around the world, the coast or enjoying a day on local waters, the design and quality of your sails makes a huge difference.

At Avalon Sail Co. our experienced sailmakers are happy to discuss your sail needs and offer expert advice on the best sail set-up for your boat. Ease of use and correct set up of sails makes for a more enjoyable time on the water, and the performance of the sail means you will get to your destination quicker.  Call us now to discuss the best option for your new cruising sail.


Race Sails


Be at the front of the fleet with the latest sail design and quality construction, using the best available materials.

Attention to detail in design and finish as well as use of correct, quality materials is paramount in every sail that leaves the Avalon loft. Our sailmaking team live and breathe sailing and are out on the water every weekend.

With over 40 years of sailmaking and design experience, you can be confident your sails will have the competitive edge.

Performance Race sails for all classes of yacht and dinghy, in the latest designs.

Services include:

  • Sail repairs, battens, advice for all sails.

  • Pick up/ drop off service to local marinas.

  • Yacht sail covers, boom bags, boom tents, boat covers – all made to measure.

  • Seek our expert advice to ensure you get the best performance from your sail and boat, whether it be large or small.

Avalon Sail Co. were great assisting us with new sails for our cruising yacht. Their personalised service, advice and follow up support made them a pleasure to deal with. Our new sails have transformed the performance of our cruiser.
— David and Kumiko Nielsen, WA